Synophic Systems a global provider of Infrastructure and Managed Services Solutions for business of all sizes to accelerate growth and scale operations.

Advanced Networks

Technology Transformation

Synophic has deep domain expertise in the Telecom and Communication sector and offers a wide range of solutions and services. The highly competitive Telecom market and Carriers are being challenged with falling revenues due to decline in voice and data services and competition from cable and satellite companies. As a result it has become imperative for telecom companies to launch innovative technology solutions that are cost efficient and enhance revenues. We have deep domain expertise in the Telecom and Communication sector and offer a wide range of solutions and services.

  • Advanced Network solutions and services-

    Converged Networks, All IP Network, MPLS, SIP / IMS, and IP / NGN solutions, IPv4/v6, VOIP.

  • Telco-Carrier Networks+

    Expertise in Core, Access, Transport, Microwave and Optical Networks.

  • Digital Media and Entertainment+

    IPTV, Multi-Screen, Codec, VOD, Audio / Video Streaming, H.264, MPEG: 1/2/4, Real-time Targeted Advertisement.

  • Network and Systems Integration Services+

    Network: planning, design, implementation and optimization, Roll-outs and build services.

  • Multi- Vendor Support+

    Cisco, Alcatel-Lucent, Ericsson, Juniper, Huawei, Motorola, HP and others.

Wireless Broadband Solutions

Get Going with the Latest Technology

Our Broadband Solution offerings involve latest and upcoming Wireless technologies. We plan, design and implement Broadband Solutions for many Service Providers, Enterprises, Equipment Providers and other partners. We specialize in providing Wireless Broadband solutions using multi-vendor product families targeting the following.

  • Point to Point / Multipoint
  • Last Mile Solutions
  • Wireless Access Networks
  • Mobile Offload solutions
  • WiFi RF Engineering / Planning
  • Flexible / Reliable Networks
  • Network Integration with Quality-Of-Service
  • Wireless VoIP and Video solutions

Mobility / Wireless Solutions

Diversity, Competitive, Unique and Flexible

Our enterprise wireless and mobile solutions combine many years of in-depth experience in core wireless technologies, broadband, 3G/4G wireless networks, femtocells, backhaul, wireless devices and LTE / WiMAX technologies. Efficient and put together collaborations with the prominent eco-system partners, integrates our wireless services.

Put Together Connectivity Anywhere!


  • 4G Solutions and Services-

    We support every phase of the LTE and WiMAX Life-Cycle implementation, integration, deployment, IOT, Porting and Testing.

  • LTE Deployment and Field Services+

    Network design, Network build, Deployment and Implementation services, Construction management, Base Station (eNB), UE Installation.

  • WiMAX Deployment & Field Services+

    Network design, Network build, Implementation and Deployment services, ASN / CSN Gateway, Network Optimization.

  • Mobile Packet Core+

    SGSN, GGSN, SAE / MME Interfaces, Femtocells, End-to-end solutions and validations.

  • 3G Competence+

    UMTS, WCDMA, GPRS, Edge, HSPA, WiFi.

  • Backhaul Solutions+

    Blended backhaul solutions to include mobile backhaul, IP backhaul and hybrid backhaul solutions.

  • RF Technologies+

    Planning, design, implementation, testing, Drive Tests, IP RAN, IP Core.

Data Center Solutions

Ensures Better Solutions

Our Data Center Solutions address the core issues faced by the current generation Data Centers such as Efficiency, Security and providing cost effective services to its customers. Virtualization has been the center piece of solution for many of the issues faced by the Data Centers. Contemporary and exceptional are the solutions designed by our connoisseur team for the following aspects.

Server Virtualization

  • VmWareFastTrak:

    proof-of-concept and on-site configuration and knowledge transfer using the latest version of vSphere and vCenter.

  • VmWare Virtualization Assessment:

    gives a clear view of server consolidation opportunities within the existing physical IT infrastructure. Using a variety of tools, we assess the current server landscape to determine your potential costs and savings and prepare for server virtualization roll out.

  • Plan and Design Services for vSphere:

    A comprehensive logical architectural design for VMware vSphere implementation that addresses your requirements leverages VMware best practices and lays the foundation for your cloud infrastructure.

  • Site Recovery Manager Fast-trak:

    vCenter Site Recovery Manager Fast-trak provides a proof of concept (POC) by developing an initial design and deployment of small-scale prototype implementations of VMware Site Recovery Manager. The purpose is to evaluate the benefits of SRM for your disaster recovery solution.

Desktop Virtualization

  • VDI Fast-trak:

    The VDI Fast-trak service is a proof-of-concept which provides a detailed knowledge transfer workshop with a fully functional demonstration environment running on non-production hardware to demonstrate how best to take advantages of VMware View’s key features and functionality.

  • VDI with vSphere Fast-trak:

    A series of detailed knowledge transfer workshops and a demonstration installation of VMware vSphere and VMware View in a non-production environment, offers hands-on experience with both VMware vSphere and VMware View to learn how to efficiently create, provision, and manage the infrastructure necessary to support virtual desktops.

  • Desktop Infrastructure Virtualization Assessment:

    The VMware Desktop Infrastructure Virtualization Assessment will identify both the users and desktops, which are the best candidates to move into a virtual desktop environment and the order in which those user groups and desktops should be virtualized for a successful desktop virtualization initiative.

  • Plan & Design for VMware View:

    Our engineers will deliver a comprehensive VMware View™ architecture design for your organization.

  • Desktop Application Virtualization Assessment:

    The VMware Desktop Application Virtualization Assessment will help you identify which Microsoft Windows-based applications in your environment are the best candidates for virtualization.

Storage and Data Management

We have a comprehensive suite of solutions and services to optimize and simplify storage and data environment.

  • Storage Management
  • Data Management
  • Business Continuity
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